Become A Team Member

As a Team Member, you will be actively engaged in planning and execution of work that moves the Impact Maker team closer to its goals. That means attending regular meetings, coordinating the work, and serving as an ambassador to the team.

Team Member Responsibilities

If you’re looking to dive in and commit to making meaningful change in the community, a Team Member role is for you. As a Team Member, you’ll be actively engaged in building the team projects and helping guide the progress of your chosen To Do Item. 

Team Members can expect to dedicate 3-5 hours every month which includes attending monthly meetings, supporting events throughout the year and staying up-to-date with all tasks assigned through our Asana, our project management system. Terms are on a 1-year renewable basis.  

Before joining an Impact Maker Team, all Team Members go through orientation and Asana training (as needed) to get up to speed on the Team’s progress.  

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Time Commitment

3-5 hours a month, including monthly meetings.

Commitment Duration

1-year commitment, which can be renewed annually.

Guiding Principles

Our teams are operate by our Principles of Doing.

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