Education Team Vision & Long-Term Goal:

Every Arizona child receives an excellent education every step of the way that prepares them for success in life and work and our state was known for its critical thinkers, problem solvers, innovators, and adaptive life-long learners. Our goal is to achieve 60% post-secondary attainment by 2030. Each of our team’s work ladder up to this vision and long-term goal.

Early Literacy

Meeting the state’s Education Progress Meter goal of 72% students proficient on the 3rd grade English Language Arts AZMerit test by the year 2030.

The team is currently working to build awareness about the importance of the science of reading. The team is focused on advocating for the prioritization of early literacy by Arizona’s school boards, including embedding goals into district strategic plans and highlighting progress on district websites.

This team previously worked with Southwest Human Development and other partners to create a sponsor and community partner infrastructure for new and existing Little Free Libraries. Using the infrastructure, including an MOU, this team recruits new sponsors and partners to launch and maintain Little Free Libraries, host book drives and collaborate with schools and communities to promote reading.

Blog: Improving Early Literacy in Arizona

Read in Color &
Little Free Libraries

Proudly supported by Deborah Carstens and the Carstens Family Funds

Postsecondary Access

Improving postsecondary access for all students with the Education Progress Meter goal of 70% of Arizona’s high school students enrolled in postsecondary the semester after graduating from high school.

Last year Arizona’s high school seniors lost $70M in Pell Grants because 56% of them didn’t fill out a FAFSA. This team seeks to increase awareness of the importance of federal financial aid application (FAFSA) completion among various community stakeholders. They recruit business leaders to promote FAFSA as well as volunteers to help students complete FAFSA.

FAFSA Campaign

Increasing FAFSA Completion in AZ: A Business Playbook

Chronic Absenteeism

Implementing a strategy framework to decrease chronic absenteeism by 50% in Roosevelt School District (RSD).

The team is working in partnership with All In Education and their Adelante Fellows as well as the Roosevelt School District to identify the factors causing chronic absenteeism and implement strategies to combat those factors.

Partnership with ALL in Education

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