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The Impact Maker is an integral part of Valley Leadership’s “Pivot to Impact”: strategic work that aligns VL’s programming, operations and governance systems to act together in order to have intentional impact on issues facing Arizona.

Are you ready to make an impact?

Our Creation & Process

Impact Teams are composed of members of the VL network, partner organizations and others who come together to frame the issues, identify solutions, set goals and develop action plans through a facilitated process.

Our Work

The ongoing work of the Impact Teams will be geared to achieving near and long-term goals through regular touch points facilitated by a volunteer Impact Team lead and managed by VL staff.

Principles of Doing

Our principles draw on the actions and values of the people who have made the greatest impact on our state throughout our history.  Always with an eye toward action, they are the foundation for how we train and empower people, interact with the community and execute our Impact Maker work.


Leadership is engaging other perspectives with respect, taking responsibility for one's own beliefs, actions, and biases and giving others the space to do the same. Value information, facts and critical thinking. Examine your own biases when challenged (you may not always be right).

Team Mindset

Leadership is committing to the team’s success and caring more about getting things done than who gets credit.

Building Trust

Leadership is taking pride in building a culture that fosters relationships, trust, and civility in order to find common ground. Be open to compromise and willing to listen to other points of view. Mutually respect one another. Have the conversation at the table.

Arizona First

Leadership is approaching issues from a standpoint of what is best for Arizona, not settling for a quick fix or what is best for a political party or individual ambition. Shared responsibility across many different backgrounds and interests is critical to long-term impact.

Driven to Do

Leadership is setting the example on doing: starting with the outcome in mind and working together to get there. Always be ready to do something. Focus on what can be done now, big or small.

Our Goals