COVID-19 Response Team

Our COVID-19 Response Team is no longer active as the to-do items were completed in Fall 2021.

Imagine if organizations, businesses, and individuals collaborated to effectively activate and coordinate the much-needed services and support to those impacted by COVID-19.

That’s the vision of the COVID-19 Response Impact Team. Our goal is to establish a successful framework for local businesses, organizations, and individuals to coordinate and respond to future crises.

To Do Items

Coordinating across private, public and non-profit sector issues.

This team worked with state-level policymakers to advance the Impact Maker’s Recovery Roadmap, which details cross-sector policy priorities for addressing the most critical needs related to the pandemic.

Matching supplies and demand in the medical field.

This team built an exchange to connect local businesses, professionals, and other organizations to supply the needs of the COVID-19 front-line. They also secured healthcare needs through existing supply chain for Arizona healthcare centers.

Helping individuals understand their unemployment benefits and resources and providing tools to navigate their path.

This team created an infographic that helped individuals apply for unemployment during the summer of 2020.

Featured Work

COVID-19 Recovery Roadmap (2021)

5,000 Masks Sent to Navajo Nation (2020)

Unemployment Insurance Benefits Guide (2020)

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