Jobs & Economy Team Vision & Long-Term Goal:

An Arizona with a vibrant and resilient economy that is inclusive and poised to capture opportunities and provide prosperity for all Arizonans. Our long-term goal is to improve our inclusion and prosperity rankings among the top 100 metros by 20 places by 2030. Each of our team’s work ladder up to this vision and long-term goal.

Workforce Development

Bolstering workforce development, especially for Arizona’s high demand sectors

Just last year, Arizona released 14,258 individuals from some form of incarceration. This team believes these individuals, as well Medicaid eligible individuals, and others who face challenges finding consistent, long-term employment can become invaluable members of our workforce with some support. The team is working to educate employers, while providing access to resources that support and strengthen success in second chance recruitment and retention.

The team also helped facilitate the Education Leadership Group. This group of education and business leaders recently came together during 2021 to discuss how they can improve the education and training opportunities for students across the state to strengthen the state’s current and future workforce.

Fair Chance Employer Badge & Resources

Employer Consensus Report: Stigmas & Employment

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