Get Involved

The Impact Maker is fueled by leaders who want to make a meaningful change in the most pressing issues facing our community. Are you ready to make an impact? 

Options for Doing

We offer a variety of ways to get involved with Impact Maker depending on your experience, availability and interests. To get started, select which option best describes you.

New to the Valley Leadership ecosystem?

We invite you to apply to Catalyze, our leadership development program, before joining a Team.

Alum looking to help lead Team progress

We want you as one of our Impact Maker Team Members who will help drive meaningful change. 

Alum looking to support on a project basis?

Our Teams welcome your contributions to their ongoing work, smaller projects and initiatives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We find that those who thrive on our Impact Maker Teams are those who have gone through a Valley Leadership program and are intimately familiar with the issues facing Arizona and our Principles of Doing. As a result, we encourage potential members to participate in Catalyze before joining a Team. 

We offer opportunities that suit participants’ varying schedules and availability. As a Team Member, you should expect to devote 3-5 hours a month, which includes blocked time for monthly progress meetings. 

As a Contributor, your time commitment can range from 1-3 hours a month if you’re contributing time or talent. For those months when you don’t have the time to commit, you can supplement with a treasure contribution. 

Team Members are committed to recurring monthly activities and meetings in order to move the Team’s To Do Items along. Contributors support on an ad hoc basis based on their availability and resources. 

Yes, we require that all Team Members and Contributors attend a new volunteer orientation session. This allows all new volunteers to get up to speed on the Team’s progress and align on priorities moving forward.

Our teams are working on a wide variety of issues ranging from health, the environment, racial justice and more. We encourage you to explore the different Teams and To Dos to see what resonates with you.  

Don’t see the issue you’re passionate about on our list of To Dos? We’re always building new teams and want to hear from you. Contact us to share your idea.