Fair Chance Employer Badge

Learn how your company can commit to employing, supporting & promoting the growth for individuals with justice backgrounds.

Explore the Fair Chance Employer Badge Levels

Bronze Badge

Businesses committed to employing individuals with justice backgrounds

Silver Badge

Businesses committed to employing justice involved individuals and creating a positive workplace environment

Gold Badge

Businesses commitment to developing a supportive atmosphere and promoting the growth and development of your workforce

Why earn a badge?

The badge is a business’ way to communicate their commitment to fair chance employment. Our goal is to address the workforce shortages while improving employment opportunities and conditions for nontraditional populations including those with current or former justice involvement. 

We developed specific criteria at tiered levels for employers to self identify where they are as fair chance employers. We hope for employers to be striving to develop improved workplace culture while diversifying their workforce with skilled individuals.

How do I qualify?

These badges provide the opportunity for you as a business to advertise to the community your commitment to being a fair chance employer and how you are building a positive workplace culture.

  1. Fill out the application
  2. Receive the badge from our team
  3. Add it to your website and hiring materials!

Businesses can review the full criteria, identify their appropriate tier of commitment, and apply to be a Valley Leadership Fair Chance Employer. Once the application is approved, businesses are free to utilize the badge in their marketing efforts.

Fair Chance Employment Case Study

At Total Wine & More Co., HR managers discovered that annual turnover was on average 12.2% lower for employees with criminal records than those without. By adopting a program to recruit employees with criminal histories, the organization reduced turnover from 25% to 11%.

Meet the Fair Chance Employers


Fair Chance Hiring is not only a compassionate approach but also a practical solution to the economic and public safety issues our communities face. By providing people with a conviction or arrest history an opportunity for employment, we can work towards their rehabilitation, reduce recidivism rates, address systemic inequalities, tap into new pools of talent, and fill labor shortages.

Additional Fair Chance Employer Resources

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