Restock a Little Free Library (LFL)

Today, only 46% of Arizona third graders read at grade level – and that skill is a leading indicator of future high school graduation. How can we address this literacy gap? Increasing access to books at home. LFLs are a way to do just that, creating a local, shared library available anytime in local neighborhoods. Become an LFL steward and #KeepPHXKidsReading by following the following steps:

  • Books in any language are appreciated.
  • Skip textbooks or anything inappropriate for kids.
  • Books that celebrate diversity and inclusion are also appreciated and encouraged. Here are a few anti-racist books to choose from.

LFLs can be found across the Valley. You can find those locations at To get books in the hands of students who need them most, we ask that you prioritize libraries in Avondale, Chandler, Maryvale and Tempe in these zip codes: 85009, 85033, 85035, 85037, 85224, 85225, 85281, 85283, and 85323.

Post your content to social media! We encourage you to be creative, but in your post please be sure to include:

  • How many books you donated.    
  • The hashtag #KeepPHXKidsReading.
  • Tag 3-5 people to challenge them to do the same (they do not have to be VL alumni – it can be anyone in your network).
  • Tag Valley Leadership (@ValleyLeadership on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn; @VLeadership on Twitter) – we may highlight your post on our channels!
  • If not already automated in your settings, tag your location.

Report your successful tracking efforts via the “Contribute” button to the right.

Please adhere to the CDC’s recommended guidelines when heading out to restock an LFL. Thank you!

When: Year Round

Where: Avondale, Chandler, Maryvale and Tempe