20 VL Alumni & Strategic Partners Join the Impact Maker

June 5, 2023
News and Announcements

We are thrilled to announce that the Impact Maker is welcoming 20 new leaders to work towards strategic change across Arizona! All of our program alumni are given the chance to join an Impact Team to make an impact on Arizona’s most pressing issues.

Impact Team members volunteer their time and resources to work on issues ranging from shade and tree coverage, early literacy, the stigma around opioid addiction and many more.

We would like to share these amazing individuals and their commitment to moving the needle on the most pressing issues facing our various communities.

NameImpact TeamTo Do Item
Johana BautistaEducationPost Secondary Access
Leslie BeattyChild Well-BeingFamily Support
Virginia Bezerra de MenezesChild Well-BeingChild Welfare System
Ashely DickersonChild Well-BeingChild Welfare System
McCady FindleyEnvironmental SustainabilityTree Equity Score
Maya GalvanHealthHousing & Healthy Neighborhoods
Chris GravesEnvironmental SustainabilityMAG Rose Workgroup
Julie HeinekingEducationEarly Literacy
Makayla JacksonEducationPost Secondary Access
Armonee JacksonRacial JusticeRacial Justice
Deniece LopezRacial JusticeRacial Justice
Joshua LoughmanEnvironmental SustainabilityTree Equity Score
Melissa McGinnisRacial JusticeRacial Justice
Erin MowadJobs & EconomyWorkforce Development
Ora NapoleonHealthHousing & Healthy Neighborhoods
Graciela NoblesEducationPost Secondary Access
Laura PearlEducationEarly Literacy
Simone TavassoliChild Well-BeingChild Welfare System
Eric CandelaEnvironmental SustainabilityTree Equity Score
Lora MartensEnvironmental SustainabilityTree Equity Score

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