The Latest From Impact Maker: August 2021

August 12, 2021
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Engage Your Employer in Impact Maker

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The Impact Maker Jobs & Economy Team envisions a vibrant and resilient economy that is inclusive and creates opportunities that will provide prosperity for all Arizonans. They have focused their efforts on supporting workforce development, especially as it pertains to reducing barriers to employment for vulnerable populations, particularly individuals recently released from incarceration, Medicaid-eligible individuals and other members of our community who face challenges finding consistent, long-term employment. A critical step in this work is stakeholder engagement.

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Implement the Stigma Reduction Toolkit at Your Workplace

The Impact Maker Health Team has launched a website for organizations to engage employees on their health – and break the stigma associated with seeking help for opioid use disorder. Users will find curated tools based on organization size, current policies in place and resources available.

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