Promote 2023 FAFSA Completion

What’s FAFSA? It’s an acronym that stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Colleges, universities and certification or technical schools use this form to determine eligibility for postsecondary financial aid. Nationwide, FAFSA provides billions for aid annually to help pay for college or career education. Last year, Arizona’s high school seniors lost over $70 million in Pell Grants because 55% of them didn’t fill out a FAFSA. 

Use the resources to the right to contribute and spread awareness about the importance of FAFSA completion.

When: By June 30, 2023

Where: Varies

Download the Corporate & Community Playbook | Our team partnered with the Helios Education Foundation and business partners to produce a corporate & community playbook for increasing FAFSA completion.

Promote FAFSA to families | A collective of local organizations provide free resources for students and families completing the FAFSA. Consider promoting these resources through your organization’s social media, newsletters and intranet sites.

Volunteer at a FAFSA event | Email Julie Sainz to learn about FAFSA volunteer opportunities in your community.

Host a company-wide FAFSA completion event | Provide a location — like your organization’s lobby or virtual Zoom room — information and professional assistance to employees and their families with high school students seeking college financial aid and promote the event internally.

Give to a statewide FAFSA campaign | Provide financial support for a statewide FAFSA Awareness campaign, managed by Cox. The campaign includes targeted public service announcements and paid media to support raising awareness about FAFSA completion.

Visit | Access the Ask Benji chatbot, FAFSA Arizona Hotline, or in-person help through the site. Over a dozen organizations have come together and are committed to helping students apply for financial aid through the FAFSA.

Create or manage your FSA ID | An FSA ID is a username and password that gives you access to Federal Student Aid’s online systems and can serve as your legal signature. You’ll use your FSA ID to start your FAFSA form.

Start your application today | Filling out the FAFSA form can be a straightforward and easy process. Select the “Fill Out the FAFSA” button on the FAFSA home page, and just follow the directions on the screen.