32 VL Alumni & Strategic Partners Join the Impact Maker

May 28, 2024
News and Announcements

We’re thrilled to announce that the Impact Maker is welcoming 32 new leaders to help lead our Impact Team work. Alumni of all VL programming have the chance to join Impact Teams, addressing the most pressing challenges in the state.

Impact Team members volunteer their time and resources to work on issues ranging from workforce development, early literacy, the stigma around opioid addiction and many more.

We would like to share these amazing individuals and their commitment to moving the needle on the most pressing issues facing our various communities.

NameImpact TeamTo Do Item
Katherine WillardChild Well-BeingFamily Support
Claire LougeChild Well-BeingFamily Support
Roberta HarrisonChild Well-BeingFamily Support
Cynthia PardoChild Well-BeingFamily Support
Claire SchmaltzEducationEarly Literacy
Anne JohannesEducationEarly Literacy
Kerry DuskinEducationEarly Literacy
Jessica Rivera-GarciaEducationEarly Literacy
Chelsie BruggemanEducationPost-Secondary Access
Rogelio RuizEducationPost-Secondary Access
MaryAnne RiodiqueEducationPost-Secondary Access
Jake SimonEnvironmental SustainabilityTree Equity Score
Robert SandovalEnvironmental SustainabilityTree Equity Score
Sheila PetryEnvironmental SustainabilityTree Equity Score
Joseph ForteEnvironmental SustainabilityTree Equity Score
Edmundo HidalgoHealthHousing & Healthy Neighborhoods
Trinity DonovanHealthHousing & Healthy Neighborhoods
Courtney AndersonHealthHousing & Healthy Neighborhoods
Brent KleinmanHealthHousing & Healthy Neighborhoods
Stephanie MartinHealthHousing & Healthy Neighborhoods
Gloria VasquezHealthHousing & Healthy Neighborhoods
Christopher KeckHealthHousing & Healthy Neighborhoods
Shannon GnamHealthHousing & Healthy Neighborhoods
Jordan BishopHealthOpioids
Dom PachuiloHealthOpioids
Nina TargovnikJobs & EconomyWorkforce Development
Mark MartzJobs & EconomyWorkforce Development
Kane NixonJobs & EconomyWorkforce Development
Eric RodriguezJobs & EconomyWorkforce Development
Anietie OkonRacial JusticeRacial Justice
Steven HarperRacial JusticeRacial Justice
Keziah Tinkle-WilliamsRacial JusticeRacial Justice

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