Bringing Hope to Arizona Families: Introducing the T4AZ Family Support Chatbot

January 10, 2024
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When a family is stressed or in crisis, they don’t want to have to sort through dozens of resources to find what they need to support their family. They want answers quickly and easily. We believe that the T4AZ Family Support Chatbot, co-created and co-developed by Together for Arizona and Valley Leadership’s Child Well-Being Impact Team, is that solution.

The new T4AZ Chatbot is designed to provide crucial assistance to Arizona families in their times of need. We’re optimistic that this new tool can uplift and improve the well-being of children and families across Arizona. Learn more about this exciting new resource!

History of the T4AZ Family Support Chatbot

The idea for the Chatbot originated from a group of family and child well-being advocates , practitioners, decision-makers, and community members with lived experience. They came together 5 years ago with the goal to develop ideas and tools that would help ensure that all children and families throughout Arizona are safe, stable, and flourishing.

Two “Action Teams” were created to analyze data, identify strategic leverage points, and launch improvement efforts designed to increase support for Arizona children and families. The Chatbot solution was identified as a great way to meet Arizona families where they are and provide them with the resources they need to keep their families safe and thriving. The Child Well-Being Impact Team alongside Together for Arizona, Botco, Family Involvement Center and 211, established a formal partnership to build and activate the Chatbot.

Why a Chatbot? 

The answer lies in the voices of Arizona families. We conducted extensive surveys with families, and their feedback was clear: they wanted a fast, easy and anonymous way to connect with the resources they need.

“Arizona has resources available to meet the needs of children and families, but the availability of these resources doesn’t matter unless families also know where and how to access them. The T4AZ Family Support Chatbot is a tool designed to make sure families can quickly find what’s out there to help them where they are.” – Claire Louge, Co-Chair of Together for Arizona

How the Chatbot Works & Our Goal

The T4AZ Family Support Chatbot offers an accessible solution that families can access via mobile devices, desktop interfaces, or text messages, in both English and Spanish. It simplifies the complex task of searching for resources on Google, making it easier for families to find what they need in times of crisis.

In 3 simple steps a family can find food, clothing and phones:

  1. Families can access the chatbot through partner organizations’ websites, either on their computers or mobile devices or via text message.
  2. The family provides a few key pieces of information including the type of resource they require and their location.
  3. The chatbot responds by providing a list of relevant, vetted, and high-quality resource providers in close proximity to the provided zip code or address.

The primary goal is to connect Arizona families with resources, particularly when they are facing or approaching a crisis. We hope that efficiently addressing a family’s needs can alleviate stressors and contribute to their overall well-being.

“We’ve been able to build an interactive tool that allows users to remain anonymous, while gaining access to services in three vital areas of need. The great thing about this kind of technology is that it can evolve as people’s needs change; this is not a one-time investment that becomes outdated as soon as it’s launched.” – Stephen Flaaen, Action Team Member VL Impact Maker

Implement the T4AZ Family Support Chatbot in Your Organization

Are you eager to join us in ensuring that sufficient resources are available throughout Arizona to support families ? Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Join our webinar: Register for our webinar on January 30, 2024 at 1pm to learn more about the Chatbot and how you can help activate it. Register today.
  2. Add the Chatbot to your website: Complete this request form to start the process of adding the Chatbot to your organization’s website.
  3. Share the Chatbot: Make the chatbot accessible to families and individuals seeking help with food, clothing, or cell phone assistance.
  4. Provide feedback: As we launch the chatbot, your feedback is invaluable in helping us make further improvements and enhancements.

Learn more about the T4AZ Family Support Chatbot today!