36 Arizonans Commit to Impact Maker

February 16, 2022
News and Announcements

Valley Leadership welcomed 36 Catalyze graduates to Impact Maker earlier this month. An initiative of Valley Leadership, Impact Maker activates Arizonans to make a difference on our state’s most pressing issues.

They join 135 Arizonans, comprised of VL alumni, issues experts and community champions, who are working toward incremental, but impactful, solutions to issues that matter most to Arizona, including child well-being, education, environmental sustainability, health, jobs and the economy, and racial justice.

Meet the newest members of Impact Maker:

Child Well-Being Team Members: Ashley Oakley, Lauren Grucky, Matthew Stewart, Mike Sonenberg, Tania Tammaro

Education Team Members: David Scott, Karen Eulate, Monica Mesa, Paula Johnson Hutchinson

Environmental Sustainability Team Members: Lea Cheshareck Qalhashahi

Health Team Members: Inder Gunnala, Joan Serviss, Matt Ederer, Meka Allen, Stephanie Brewer, Vicki Broman

Jobs & the Economy Team Members: Amy Freeman, Carrie Kelly, Joe Barba, Julie Schaffer, Kaitlyn Shaw, Kristina Sabetta

Racial Justice Team Members: Guillermo Velez, Jane Van De, Jenny Zale, Rachel Phillips

Impact Maker Contributors: Alycia Worst, Ajlan Kurdoglu, Gladys Lopez, Kelsey Evans, Mollie Sutherland, Monica Meyerand, Paulina Menichiello, Riley Hubbard, Sarah Shambrook, Stacey Sutherland

Interested in joining these leaders to make a difference in Arizona? Learn how you can get involved at impactmakeraz.org/get-involved.