Our Vision | An excellent education, every step of the way that prepares all Arizonans for success in life and work. Our state is known for its critical thinkers, problem-solvers, innovators, and adaptive life-long learners.

Our Long-Term Goal | 60% post-secondary attainment by 2030 (certificate, 2 + 4 year)





The Education Team To Do List

The Education Impact Team’s current to do list includes:

  1. Post-secondary access: Improve Post-secondary access for all students.

  2. Pathways to success: Grow the pipeline of individuals pursuing education and jobs with a focus on 4 of Arizona’s high-growth job sectors:

    • Advanced Manufacturing

    • IT/Cyber Security

    • Healthcare

    • Energy

  3. Early Literacy: Increase student proficiency in 3rd grade reading.

Future work will include early education, education funding and more.

Measuring Our Progress

All Impact Teams, including the Education Impact Team, will measure progress with leading and lagging indicators and work towards big picture outcomes. The Education Impact Team is measuring its impact through these strategies.

post-secondary access:

  • Increase in the number of high school students who successfully complete and submit a FAFSA (federal financial aid application), which is a leading indicator for college-going.

  • Increase in community awareness, support, and use of post-secondary access initiatives.

Pathways to success:

  • Grow the workforce pipeline of qualified individuals by

    • Increasing the # of employers offering work-based learning opportunities.

    • Increasing the number of employers offering teacher externships.

    • Raising awareness of high-quality pathway opportunities.

early literacy:

  • Reduce chronic absenteeism in PreK-3rd grade.

  • Increase access to books in communities.

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